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Droo Menard

web development / creative / marketing

I am an outside-the-box creative with an attentive eye for technical detail; in fact I'll likely design the box myself. I have a unique ability to transform ordinary objects into clever and playful art pieces, most often involving lighting. I appreciate the impact and versatility of light, and use my experience in theatrical lighting design and event lighting to create lightscapes that emphasize natural features, structures, and art installations.

I enjoy creating immersive statement pieces that are both artistically expressive as well as functional spaces. As a creative lead with a technical background I value the intermingling of ideas to create experiences that will inspire others.

I hold a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and have worked in web development, coding, and digital media for over fifteen years... but my true passion is design. I strive to produce not just art... but immersive experiences to excite the mind's eye.

From interiors to landscapes... experiential environments to weddings and events... I have the ability to translate not only my own ideas... but the visions of others into reality.